Saturday, September 20, 2014

Hello All!

     Just recently started this Blog to suplement the fact that my webserver is incapable of performing how it needs on Time Warner Cable internet speeds. Seeing as how they cannot give me more than 5 mbps upload with 20 mbps download, I figure the safe bet is to go with Cincinnati Bell. Once my interweb connections have been restored to above satisfactory levels, I shall have all what I need updated.

    In case you are wondering, the website shall still be I chose that name because it is easy to remember. Eventually, I would like to have the name incorporated into a Non-Profit Organization that will help youth who would like to get into the Gaming or Information Technology Industry. It is already frowned upon based upon the older generation, but it is now time for the youngsters of the world to take over. Technology has been rapidly increasing over the past 10 years. It is easy to get lost in the transition, which is why I would like to start this Non-Profit to help those who do not necessarily have access to this information readily.

     Eventually, I will have my Website up and running with all the fixens: Webmail, Teamspeak Server and social groups for the games that people enjoy most. That being said, currently, I am in a clan called FINNA for Smite. We are currently looking for more members who want to get into competitive play. The Smite Pro League is in full effect and happening. You all will see the power of FINNA once we have the members at level 30 and able to compete in ranked play.

     I know there were a lot of forks in the road in this post. But I do hope you find your way back to the conclusion here. :)